UI/UX Designer


MMK 500,000

Job details

Job Title: UI/UX Designer
Job Ref No.: MJV-263
Salary: MMK 500,000
Type: Full-Time
Category: Information Technology (IT)
Region: Yangon

Job Description

- Minimum 1-year proven UI/UX experience in designing and prototyping creative user experiences of web and mobile applications.
- Experience in Sketch 3, Photoshop, Illustrator and associated design tools.
- Experience in producing intuitive interface, mock-ups, wireframes and rapid prototypes.
- Strong understanding of UI/UX design fundamentals, art directions, and visual communications.
- Understanding of common project management, design, and development practices.
- Keenly interested in exploring emerging technologies and modern design trends.
- A positive attitude with enthusiasm, creativity, and a design orientated mindset.

Send an email to hello@escapepixel.com with your CV.

Company Overview

Escape Pixel Myanmar Co., Ltd - Myanmar Job Villa

Escape Pixel Myanmar Co., Ltd
Open Positions: (2)
+65 96436464
12/A Uphee Road, San Chaung, Yangon, Myanmar
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