Quality Control Inspector in Textile industry


USD 1,000

Job details

Job Title: Quality Control Inspector in Textile industry
Job Ref No.: MJV-78
Salary: USD 1,000
Type: Full-Time
Category: Engineering
Region: Yangon

Job Description

We are looking for a Quality Control Inspector for one of our Customer, SgT Asia.
SgT, headquartered in Hong Kong, is managed by a team of quality management and manufacturing professionals from Europe, the U.S. and Asia.
Founded in 1990, SgT is an independent service provider, fully owned by Worms, whose strategy is to set up and develop an alliance of companies dedicated to building risk management solutions involving testing, inspection, and certification services.

We offer a range of textile quality management solutions for clothing and textile product manufacturers all over the world, including Textile Laboratory Testing, Textile Inspection, Textile Social, Technical and QMS Audits, Textile Technical Advisory. --> http://www.sgtgroup.net/

Under the direct responsibility of the branch manager or team leader, the inspector carries out quality control inspections (garments and accessories) in complete autonomy and complying with the customers' requirements, from preparation of the inspection materials up to the production of inspection reports on time.


- The inspector must represent the values of the company and apply all along his missions the rules of the company.
- The inspector makes sure to know perfectly general processes/customers processes and technical requirements.
- The inspector prepares the inspection according to the customers’ requirements and technical requirements correctly.
- During inspection, the inspector must follow the usual working process from cartons sampling, pieces picking to inspection and sort out of defects.
- The inspector issues the final inspection report – keying it into the company’s system – making sure to provide a comprehensive report (i.e including photos) on time.
- He/ She ensures to communicate with his/her team leader and/or branch manager on any problem faced or regarding process and technical aspects.

>2 years’ experience in textile industry, such as woven or knitted products, preferably as a internal QC, on production line or as merchandiser in a trading

3 years university or degree in textile. English CET (College English Test) >4 or equivalent diploma.

1. Good technical knowledge of garments production
2. Professionalism
3. Organization and good coordination skills
4. Good level of English
5. Computer skills
6. Ability to adapt to new unknown situations
7. Good communication and reporting skills
Personal assets
1. Honesty / Integrity / Loyalty
2. Liability
3. Consciousness and efficiency
4. Endurance and patience

- Good educational level counterbalances lack of experience
- Good experience level counterbalances lack of educational level

Senior Inspector position according to performances and personal assets and skills

Company Overview

CCI France Myanmar - Myanmar Job Villa

CCI France Myanmar
Open Positions: (1)
+95 1 523 700
Parkside One, 271/273 Bagayar Road, Sanchaung Township, Yangon, Myanmar
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